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Neighborhood Projects

The association annually conducts a variety of projects in the neighborhood to improve the quality of living.  Below are the recent projects approved by the Board for the betterment of all.



Website Refresh

This website was refreshed and enhanced with new and engaging content.  The url and hosting providers were changed to make the site more useable and easier to edit.


Walker Entrance Lighting Upgrade

 This update included two path lights at both the front and rear of the entrance island to resolve visibility issues both entering and exiting the village.  One light has been placed on the island to illuminate the small tree.  Two LED flood lamps have been installed at each "Emerald Lake" sign, replacing the halogen lamps.  LED lighting is more cost effective and the life of LED bulbs is ten times that of halogens.


Laminar Flow Aeration

Laminar flow systems were installed in ELV lakes to reduce algae and muck in the lake.


Emerald/Sandshores Beach

Retaining walls at Emerald and Sandshores Beaches were rebuilt including adding recessed staircases.

Walker Beach Restoration.JPG


Walker Beach Erosion Control

No improvement for erosion control had been done at Walker Beach since its original construction.  This project repaired the retaining wall and rerouted the drain from Sandshores Dr to the lake away from the beach.

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