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Dues Information

When are assessments due and how should I pay?

Dues are $220, billed annually and due by 1 January.  There are a variety of ways to pay: 

1) Pay by check and use the invoice printed in the December newsletter

2) use your bank’s online bill pay to pay dues of $220. Remember to include your address on your online check. 

3) You can also use PayPal and pay $227. Our handle is or search for elvHOA in the PayPal app. Please include your address in the message for payment.


If you have any questions please contact Treasurer at

What if I don't pay on time?

$50 late fee applies for payments received on or after March 1. Additional $10 charge added the 1st of each month after March until payment is made, plus associated lien costs.

What are the bylaws, restrictions, or policies of the association?

 You can also find these documents in the Document Archive here.

If I am a seller or buyer in ELV what should I tell the title company handling the closing?

Dues are due annually January 1 for the coming year in one payment of $220 (unless paid late or via paypal, see above).  These dues do not cover trash, water or utilities for any homeowners.  We do not have any special assessments.  While we can provide a letter to the title company regarding status, you should advise them that as a volunteer organization we need at least 30 days notice of your need for a letter about dues status. You should provide the title company with a link to this web page for their documentation.  Requests are to be made by email to

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